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Completing your application

Training programme places are highly sought after, so it’s important that you submit the best application possible.



For primary school teaching, we will be looking for applicants who can evidence a wide range of subject knowledge with good grades at GCSE and A-level. It has been demonstrated, over the years of running this programme, that a good academic profile allows students to cope with the demands of this intensive route more easily. Please ensure that you do not only give your English, Maths and Science GCSEs; make sure you also include all your other GCSEs and A levels on the online portal as well.

We are often asked whether we will accept applicants with 2:2 or 3rd class degrees. While it is very true that the Government has requested that training providers place emphasis on applicants with much higher academic profiles (2:1 or above), as a primary provider, we take into account an applicant’s whole profile and their wealth of pastoral experience with children, not necessarily just within a classroom. We would, however, look for evidence in your personal statement that your school experience has given you a realistic depth of understanding of the realities of being a primary school teacher. An application would not be rejected out of hand purely on the basis of your degree classification, but it would also depend on what the rest of your school qualifications evidenced in terms of good GCSE and A level grades and wide breadth of subjects studied.



Your principal referee MUST be your most recent employer.


For those already working within schools, this should be the Headteacher of the school in which you are employed or have most recently carried out work experience. If you have not yet completed your degree, your second reference MUST be from your University course tutor/personal tutor, who can comment on your academic ability, your likely degree achievement and your potential as a teacher. If you already have your degree in place, then the second reference can be from a previous employer OR from someone who knows you well, and is well placed to give reasons why they think you would be suitable to undertake teacher training.


Please note: It is a requirement of working in Buckinghamshire that references covering the last 5 years are obtained where applicable.

If the two references given within the DfE Apply application do not cover this full period, please be prepared to provide further details of the additional referees prior to interview.


Personal Statement

It is important that you utilise every word allowed in your total word count. We will be looking for applicants, who demonstrate through their personal statement ……

  • that they will thrive in their future role as a teacher

  • that they have a creative and innovative approach, which will inspire both children and colleagues

  • that they will strive to provide the best opportunities that they can for the children in their care to learn and flourish

  • that they will have the highest expectations of themselves and that they will be a credit to the teaching profession


The Government has produced some useful resources which we strongly recommend reading before completing your application:

Planning your application

Completing your written application


You should also ensure that you have studied the eligibility criteria for this course - 



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