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Two Mile Ash Initial Teacher Training Partner consists of three lead schools – Two Mile Ash in Milton Keynes, Ashmead in Aylesbury and Pen Green in Corby. The three lead schools work together and QTS is accredited by Two Mile Ash SCITT. The Lead schools employ their own ITT core teams.


Trainees are governed by the policies of the TMA Partnership and therefore the Inspiring Futures Through Learning Multi Academy Trust for their training programme.


If a situation arises with a child in their School Based Training setting, the policies of the school will be followed.


Should a situation arise with an employee of the school, the relevant policy for the situation would be applied. Eg if a trainee was accused of harassment, the investigation would be of the trainee and the IFTL policy would be used in collaboration with the school. If a trainee was the victim of bullying or harassment by an employee of the school, the school’s policy would be used.


Should any situation result in any form of investigation into the trainee, the SCITT policies will be followed in collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team of the School Based Training setting.


If a situation arose involving the Core ITT team who are employed by the Lead School, their employer (the lead school) would investigate and follow their policies. TMA SCITT expect to be kept in full knowledge of any situation that invokes the application of HR policies for those employees. 

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